Hello, I am Dr. MoNique, the Ancestrally Rooted Healer, Business Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher.

My mission is to help spiritually rooted healers and leaders claim their ancestral blessings and realign with their Soul's purpose, so they have abundant resources to heal generational wounds and leave their legacy in the world.  

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What if...

You could release unhealthy family patterns and generational wounds?

You could partner with your Ancestors to transform inherited burdens into Ancestral Blessings?


Most Ancestral Healers focus on healing unwell Ancestors.  I channel your Ancestors' stories and share guided journeys, rituals, and spiritual practices to help you partner with your well and wise ancestors to receive guidance, heal your stories, live your  Soul's Purpose, and leave your legacy.  

Clear Generational Trauma and Cultural Wounds

Did you know that the sufferingslife experiencesgiftsstrengthstraumas, and heartaches of your Ancestors are embedded in your DNA?

  • Are you tormented by your family patterns and traumas? 
  • Are abandonment wounds causing you to push people away?
  • Are betrayals in your past preventing you from trusting? 
  • Is divorce, financial struggle, illness, addiction, or family conflict common in your family?


Clearing the Karmic Stories experienced by your Ancestors will help you have a deeper level of joy and purpose. Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are always with you. Their wisdom is a profound source of guidance.  Learn how to partner with your Ancestors to create incredible relationships, experience profound self-love, release the past and express your Soul's Purpose.

Ancestral StoryClearing

is an advanced healing technique enabling you to energetically travel back into your family’s past to release an unwanted embedded family story energetically, thereby allowing you to experience more happiness, health, love, prosperity, and more fulfilling relationships?

Heal Generational Wounds and Cultural Traumas in Your Lineage!


What Ancestral Stories and Current Life Wounds are disrupting your happiness, relationships, finances, and well-being?

Did your Ancestors experience war, loss of land, massacres, slavery, famine, the Holocaust, or some other historical tragedy?  If so, the wounds of unhealed grief and Karmic Stories might be impacting you and your family.  Likely they have been for multiple generations. Without Ancestral StoryClearing, the impact of these stories will continue for future generations!

The Karmic Stories of your Ancestors influence your life decisions, relationshipssoul's purposehealth, finances, and career.  You may be unconsciously reliving your Ancestors' trauma stories!  

There are Nine Karmic Stories that create adversity and struggle in your life. 

Which of the nine KARMIC STORIES are you Reliving?


Connect with Your Ancestors


Receive Guidance from your Ancestors.

Learn Spiritual Practices, Rituals, and Ceremonies to stay connected with your healed Ancestors for support in all areas of your life.


Claim Your Ancestral Blessings


Partner with your healed Ancestors.

Using ceremonies, guided journies, and rituals you will partner with your Abundance, Relationship, and Soul's Purpose Ancestors. 


Clear Ancestral Wounds


Heal intergenerational trauma.

Using Ancestral StoryClearing, meditations, and activation rituals, we heal your Ancestors' Wounds and inherited Traumas. 

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  • Feeling the freedom that comes from no longer carrying the burdens from generational wounds and historical trauma.

  • Connecting with your wise spiritual team of Ancestors, Guides, and Angels to help you make critical and everyday life decisions anytime you need support.

  • Partnering with your Ancestors to help you align with your divine blueprint to fully express your Soul's Purpose and live your legacy. 

  • Clearing family wounds for current and future generations.



Tired of Putting Your Purpose on Hold?  

Fears inherited from your Ancestral Lineage might be unconsciously holding you back!

Embrace your divine calling as a healer, spiritual entrepreneur, and holistic practitioner, transcending the burdens of ancestral abandonment, rejection, self-doubt, and the scarcity mindset that hinders your progress.

Even those who radiate external success are touched by the echoes of Karmic Fears Stories woven through ancestral ties, but within you lies the power to break free and forge a path of boundless abundance and purpose.

Welcome to the journey of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in an enriching spiritual exploration where fear transforms into freedom, scarcity becomes abundance, and ancestral wisdom guides your path.

Unleash your potential with our Seven Week Fear to Freedom: An Ancestrally Rooted Path to Abundance Masterclass. Empower your life and your business and manifest the abundance you deserve.



Learn More!

Your unhealed female ancestors have the desire to safeguard you, but their intervention might be an interference.

As a leader, entrepreneur, or healer bringing your business and expertise to the online space, you may find that family stories surface. Fears of not having enough experience, fear of failure, or even success can prevent you from moving forward. Your personal experiences are shaped by your fears, beliefs, mindset, inherited wounds, and cultural trauma. 

Ancestresses in your lineage may carry old wounds from being healers, leaders, intuitives or medicine women. These Ancestresses while good meaning, might be protecting you from fully utilizing your spiritual power.  They may carry abandonment, betrayal, poverty, fear, and abuse wounds that need healing.  As spiritual business owners, healers, and coaches, it's crucial to recognize and heal these wounds so we can step fully into our power and serve at our highest level.

When we heal our Ancestress wounds, we create a ripple effect that transforms not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us.

Start Your Journey!

Ancestral Business Breakthrough Decision

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that harnesses the profound power of Dr. MoNique and your Ancestors to elevate your business success and usher in abundance? Prepare for a conversation like no other, as Dr. MoNique skillfully establishes a connection with your Ancestors, uncovering the perfect program to address your unique business challenges.

Enveloped in the mystique of Ancestress Chat with Dr. MoNique, you will delve into profound subjects, such as Ancestress Story Healing. Discover how clearing ancestral wounds can pave the way for your personal growth and propel your business toward new heights. Unleash the potential of your lineage and activate your Ancestress Medicine, tapping into the innate gifts passed down through generations. Embracing these ancestral blessings will empower you to manifest greater abundance in your life and business endeavors.

Furthermore, our transformative Ancestress Legacy Warrior - Story Healing Training Program awaits you, providing an invaluable opportunity to integrate the potent art of Ancestress Story Healing into your spiritual business. This program equips you with the tools and knowledge to seamlessly incorporate ancestral healing practices into your existing framework, ushering in a new era of spiritual growth and prosperity.

Please note that the Ancestress Chat with Dr. MoNique is not an Ancestress Story Healing Session. It is an enlightening discussion aimed at exploring how you can unlock the power of your ancestors to foster success and abundance in your business journey.

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What Others Are Saying...

Jennifer Urezzio
Founder of Soul Language

I'm so honored to have worked with Dr.  MoNique E Hunt. As a leader, it is hard sometimes to request support, and she creates a space of such peace and healing. The wisdom that I received from the ancestors through her was so powerful and provided instant transformation.

Anita Shannon

The healing work that Dr. Monique facilitates and engages in is among the most important work we can do for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. I know firsthand how effective acknowledging and healing ancestral trauma can be. While I’ve been blessed with good fortune, it has been her effective and all-encompassing guidance and coaching that allowed me relief of a lot of ‘baggage’ I’d felt spiritually but couldn’t articulate. Her gifts are as profound as she is gracious and kind. I am most thankful for such a soulful connection. My life is exponentially more purposed-filled. 

You + "Claim Your Ancestral Blessings" = The end of unhealthy family patterns and wounds!



Connect with your Ancestors

Embark on a spiritual journey to connect with your Ancestors to transform generational wounds, fulfill your Soul’s Purpose, and live your legacy.

Using the wisdom of your ancestors and spirit guides, you’ll be able to see your life from an expanded perspective. You will have a view of the hope, courage, resilience, and compassion you need to navigate your life with intention, fulfill your Soul’s Purpose and live your legacy.


Clear and Transform Generational Trauma

Your Ancestors’ wounds and wisdom pass from generation to generation. The injuries and traumas are embedded in the unresolved issues of your Ancestors and imprinted in your DNA.

Using Ancestral StoryClearing, you will begin to heal generational illness, traumas, and cultural wounds through rituals, spiritual practices, meditations, and daily prayers.

Your ancestors may have suffered a great tragedy or experienced trauma, depression, physical illness, poverty, abandonment, betrayal, or addiction. You may have ancestors who fought against the oppressions of their generation. Some may have been ripped from their land and enslaved. Some may have enslaved others.


Claim Your Ancestral Blessings

You also have ancestors who lived well, leaving their affairs in order and their relationships reconciled. You have ancestors who were courageous, wise, creative, and kind.

All of your ancestors, the well and the unwell, ultimately hold healing wisdom for you. Your ancestors are much more than spirit guides. 

Your Ancestors are capable and willing to give you guidance for fulfilling your Soul's Purpose and living an amazing life.  Ancestors who struggled with the same wounds or challenges you now carry in your blood and bones can provide powerful medicine for you. By partnering with them in the “right way,” you can enlist their help to clear stagnantly, unresolved energies passed down from your unwell ancestors to heal your lineage and free your family line from past and present wounds. 

I Am Ready!
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A healthy relationship with your well and unwell Ancestors can transform your life and lineage!


Ancestors are our connection to the Spirit World and our higher Self. They are not in our imagination, religion, or buried in the past; they are in our blood and bones. Their blood flows through us, connecting us to the past and the future.

Your ancestors can be sources of clarity, resilience, and joy for you, too. When you know the right way to partner with them, you can lovingly draw on their skills, wisdom, and bravery to live a more joyful life, express your Soul’s Purpose and leave your legacy in the world.

And, you don’t need special “powers” or intuitive abilities to connect with your ancestors and tap into this guidance.

Show Me How!

A Note From

Dr. MoNique...

I invite you to embark on a spiritual journey to connect with your Ancestors to transform generational wounds, fulfill your Soul's Purpose, and live your legacy.

As an Ancestor Griot, I channel the stories of your ancestors for guidance and generational trauma healing, clearing the path for joyfully living your Soul's Purpose. 

After experiencing the painful loss of several significant family members, my relationship bond with my Ancestors intensified. One night, my Ancestors awakened me and shared a profound message encouraging me to show others how incredible life can be when you call upon your healthy and happy Spirit Elders for guidance. Frequent visits from the Ancestors inspired me to create Ancestral StoryClearing and the Claim Your Ancestral Blessings program.  In the Claim Your Ancestral Blessings program, I  teach you how to invoke the healing power of your courageous, resilient, wise Ancestors for guidance. I know that partnering with the Ancestors allows you to Live Happily, Live Abundantly and Love Deeply.

I want to share with you how amazing life can be when the energy of your Spirit Team surrounds you.  Join me for the Claim Your Ancestral Blessings program and begin your relationship with your courageous, healthy, wise Ancestors.

I look forward to you joining us!   

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