Hi! I’m Dr. MoNique


As the Ancestrally Rooted Intuitive and founder of the Ancestrally Rooted Intuitive Certification program, I have guided hundreds of Ancestor training workshops, sacred ceremonies, and talks worldwide. My Ancestrally Rooted Intuitive Certification Program is helping healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, and coaches connect with their Ancestors to help their clients experience profound transformations on an Ancestral level. 


As a Sacred Celebrant, I custom design sacred ceremonies to help you partner with your Ancestors to create healthy relationships, self-love, and vibrant health, enabling you to fulfill your Soul’s purpose.

My devotion to the Ancestors comes from training with my Ancestors both in physical and spirit form, my doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, mentoring from spiritual teachers from around the globe, and nearly three decades of implementing the teachings of Ancestor reverence in my life.


I am a spiritual teacher and Founder of the Ancestrally Rooted Intuitive Certification Program. As a Master Ancestral Story healing Intuitive Practitioner, I use the healing power of your life stories and your Ancestors’ guidance to help you create a clear path for living your Soul’s Purpose and building a thriving practice.


Using my gifts as an Ancestor Griot (ɡrēō) and third-generation intuitive, I specialize in and use Ancestor connection and communication in my Ancestral StoryClearing and Healing Sessions. I help you release Karmic Stories and blocks embedded in your DNA and passed down through your lineage. 

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